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Our Team:

Iakwe from Ebeye, an island in the Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands. Ebeye Public Elementary School is located in the center of the island. Principal Elmo Kajobar is one of the first to implement the cluster concept, including an early education class. It is the only public school on the island teaching kindergarten through 8th grade. Most of Ebeye's parents work on Kwajalein, a military base on an island 1/2 hour ferry ride away. Several of Ebeye’s teachers have been involved in Pacific Voices projects, Romeo, Boene, Lita, Lucky, Robert and Karen, a deaf educator.

Our Projects:

Inside the 4th Grade

Robert is a special educator and wanted to create a movie about his 4th grade class. He filmed an activity they do often, creating english sentences with flash cards. The students enjoy using manipulatives which gives them visual feedback while increasing their reading skills. Working in a team is a natural way to learn for Pacific Islanders. You'll notice other students working independently. Robert has adapted his class for different skill levels and is able to include several children with special needs.

Microscope Observations

This year Martha introduced the digital microscope to Ebeye. Several classes used the microscope to investigate different body parts. Of most interest was hair. The 6th grade compared the difference between head hair and arm hair. They compared different people's hair. Most hair in the class was similar in color and texture. The 3rd grade class collected rock samples. We examined coral, glass, gravel and concrete. See what we saw.

Ebeye Radio 4-26-04

Ebeye School produces a radio show aired locally. The first year of our project Jim and Martha worked on teaching how to record a radio and TV show. It was found that everyone in Ebeye and the outer islands are able to listen to radio but not everyone had television. The school was excited about adopting this medium to reach parents.
Romeo, Robert and Boene have continued to produce segments for Ebeye Radio. Shows are produced and aired each week reaching out to the parents and residents of Ebeye. Shows have included the message"Healthy and Ready to Learn", a talk show, announcements for school events and students singing. Here is a sample. All shows are in Marshallese.

Disability Week

Annually Ebeye holds a celebration of their citizens with disabilities. The school organizes a parade and many dignitaries speak. Here is a movie of a combination of still and moving clips put together by Romeo to document this year's event.